Standard Data Apps
Exploring, analyzing, and visualizing your data has never been easier! Your wallet comes pre-loaded with tree maps, networks, word clouds, and many other Data Apps for 1-click amazement
Share datasets and Data Apps with other personal or business dWallets in a safe, trusted environment with rules and limitations for data custody and exchange
Self-service instantaneous dashboards with extreme BI capabilities for exploring, filtering, and segmenting data. Just connect your data and open it with EzDash
Unleash your creativity by combining any of our 650+ powerful plug and play modules to create mind blowing Data Apps
Data Maps
Identify and locate data, systems, and users in your data ecosystem to discover connections and relationships between tables and dimensions
Data Catalog
Organize your data assets, and manage your business ready datasets and Data Apps to create offers and monetize directly, or register your catalog in the marketplace to receive offers
Data Balance Sheet
Manage the value of your data assets allocated to run, grow, and transform the business to manage risk and capture value
DIM Score
It is a robust metric for data value that combines multiple algorithmic approaches, analyzing internal structure as well as its relevance for business
DIM Certificate
A hash certificate of authenticity follows data around, allowing you to audit usage and verify the authenticity of data that you license from other users
DIM Report
Report on the quality of a dataset or Data App, giving you information about the structure of the data, the analysis process, and suggestions to increase its DIM Score

Build trust in data™